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PI Technics BV
Breedschotsestr. 15b
4891 PK Rijsbergen

T: 0031 6 29428114

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Hydroponic irrigation system

Pi Technics brings you the best hydroponic irrigation system, led grow yield, hydroponic starter kit and many more high quality products for you to enjoy.

The best products
All our compact growing systems are easy to assemble, lightweight and compact. Our modular systems design makes it easy for both beginners and experienced growers to successfully grow products. We have a wide product range for you to select the perfect product from, like hydroponic pot systems and a high quality hydroponic irrigation system. You can download our hydroponic irrigation system user manuals to help you get familiar with the system of your choice. Of course we also have the accessories to go with your hydroponic irrigation system.

Pi-technics products are available all over the world; you can find a Pi Technics dealer on our dealer page. If you have any inquiries about our hydroponic irrigation system you can email us at: or call us: +31-(0)6-29428114.


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