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PI Technics BV
Breedschotsestr. 15b
4891 PK Rijsbergen
The Netherlands

T: 0031 6 29428114

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Pi Grow S

This set is available as an accessory for the Pi Wall .

The grow light set allows growers to install their electrical equipment in their growing rooms themselves, without having to involve third parties.

This comprehensive set comes with a CE certificate and an instruction manual.

The control panel includes:

  • Connection cable for mains connection
  • Overvoltage protection relay.
  • Timer that switches the lamps on and off
  • Relay
  • 2x ballast  

The advantages:

  • Compact packaged (1 box 110x30x 30 cm)
  • Complete with 2 bulbs (600 watt Philips Son T Pia Green Power)
  • Includes 2 reflectors and 2 cables ( 5 m x 2.5 mm˛)
  • Easy to connect
  • CE approved

All prewired and mounted in a control panel. All the grower needs to do is connect the lamp cables to the ballasts and the reflectors.

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